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UPVEL launches Gigabit Switches for Computer and Home Entertainment Networks


UPVEL an Innovate through Research driven wired and wireless networking brand, is officially introducing its new line of energy-savvy multi-purpose Gigabit Switches for computer and home entertainment networks. Gigabit connectivity over Ethernet cabling is superior to any wireless connection when it comes to throughput and signal stability. The propagation of Internet TV (IPTV) services with data heavy applications such as HD and 3D streaming benefit from robust Gigabit connectivity. UPVEL’s 5- and 8-Port Gigabit Switches: US-5G and US-8G connect to high-demand Ethernet-ready home entertainment devices such as Gaming consoles, TV receivers (DVRs), Smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, as well as Computers and peripherals.

Performance features include port based auto-negotiation (10/100/1000Mbps), a store-and-forward switching Architecture with non-blocking wire speed performance, jumbo-frame support for streaming video, and total back-bone switching capacity of 10Gbps (US-5G) and 16Gbps (US-8G).

Best in Class Green Ethernet energy savings features reduce power consumption by up to 70%:

  • Detect link status: Allows each port to power down into standby or sleep mode when a connected device is not active
  • Detect port status: Reduces/shuts energy consumption if no device is connected
  • Detect cable status: Adjusts power strength according to cable length

The durable switch is built into a black metal housing that offers excellent heat dissipation and protection from RF interference.

UPVEL is a California based developer and innovator of wired and wireless networking solutions for home, office, and corporate users around the world. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of experiences networking hardware professionals with one key mission in mind: Create high demand, easy to use networking products that provide long lasting user value, performance and price satisfaction. The company’s key entry point to market is strong in house R&D delivering fine-tuned products to local markets requirements. For more information please visit or call +1 (626) 337-0162.

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